What is Mineral Water, and Why is it Better Than Tap Water?

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Are you conscious of the quality and safety of your drinking water? If you answered yes, then now is the right time to consider switching to the best mineral water in South Africa, especially if you have been drinking from the tap. Unlike tap water, which you get from your faucets, mineral water is a type of bottled water that contains natural minerals and other substances that make it healthier and taste different.

But is mineral water better than tap water? Let’s take a look! 

It comes from natural sources underground

Mineral water is unlike regular drinking water, which goes through chemical processing. Instead, it comes from natural underground reservoirs. However, to ensure you’re drinking the best mineral water in South Africa, make sure it is bottled at the source. High-quality ones are perfectly balanced at pH 7, with 350 mg/l of TDS, which is well over the minimum global requirement for mineral water. Plus, they are rich in magnesium and calcium, which are essential to human health! 

Better than tap water? 

Natural mineral water is better than spring water because of its unique and constant mineral composition. Thus, it allows you to hydrate more naturally. Plus, it has that distinct taste and great mouth-feel, along with health benefits that go beyond ensuring proper hydration for your body. In case you didn’t know, the best mineral water in South Africa has all the essential nutrients and minerals for skin, hair, and heart health. Moreover, it helps lower blood pressure, relieves constipation, and strengthens bones.

What’s wrong with tap water?

Tap water usually comes from underground or surface sources. However, you can't be sure if it meets local and global safety standards. So, there’s always the risk of drinking something potentially toxic and harmful to your health. Sometimes, even with public water suppliers making efforts to keep the water clean, leaking and rusted pipes and chemicals leaching through the soil can pollute water from the tap.

It’s time you rethink your drinking water

Taste the difference in Mountain Falls, the best mineral water in South Africa. Our mineral water is bottled by hand at Mountain Falls Estate, which rests on the Klein River Mountain range between Stanford and Hermanus in the Overberg region. Our natural mineral water comes from an underground aquifer emerging from a spring through a bore or natural exits.

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