What are the Main Contents of Purified Water?

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It's essential to stay properly hydrated to allow your body to operate at its utmost potential. Water plays a vital role in regulating body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, promoting healthy organ functioning, preventing infections, and delivering nutrients to cells—all while enhancing sleep quality, boosting cognitive performance and elevating mood. By investing in high-quality purified water now, you are protecting your health and the health of your family.

But what exactly is purified water, and how does it differ from other types? The goal of purification is to eliminate contaminants, chemicals, and other impurities that may affect the safety and taste of the drink. High-quality purified water is free of any harmful bacteria, fungi, algae, chemical pollutants, metals, and parasites. Most manufacturers produce it using tap or groundwater.


Purification methods

Purification aims to make water safe for drinking. However, the standards for potable water vary globally, usually dependent on international standards and government regulations.

Most manufacturers use carbon filtration, distillation, deionisation, and reverse osmosis to make purified water. These processes can eliminate harmful chemicals but could also remove flavourful, beneficial minerals along the way, such as sodium and sulfur. Flavour-enhancing minerals usually add some crispness to the water while providing health benefits. Without them, water tends to lack flavour and character. As a result, water that has been purified usually lacks flavour.


Are there any health benefits?

Purified water may be safe to drink in areas where you can’t be too sure about the safety of tap and groundwater. Some water purification methods also remove chlorine, which some public water supplies have as a disinfectant. Studies have found chlorinated water to increase the risk of colorectal cancer.


Go for the healthier option.

Purified water tends to lack the essential nutrients and minerals to make drinking more beneficial to your body. In that case, consider drinking mineral water. The best mineral water is bottled at the source and manufactured by reputable companies, which are members of the Fine Water Society.


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