Sommelier Sessions


Water Tasting

Sommelier Sessions #1

With only 3% of all water on Earth classified as fresh drinking water, it’s certainly something worth taking the time to taste and appreciate. We’re working with former brewer Nico Pieterse – one of only two certified water sommeliers in South Africa from a total of one hundred worldwide, to host our recently launched water tastings, Sommelier Sessions. 

Mineral water, bottled at the source, is unlike tap and purified waters in that it contains naturally occurring minerals – as opposed to contaminants and chemicals. Depending on its natural source and general environment, each mineral water is unique, containing different quantities of metals, minerals, salts and ions, resulting in a broad range of taste profiles.

Our first Sommelier Session was hosted in Stellenbosch with highly acclaimed wine critic and journalist Tim Atkin as a guest. After experiencing the water tasting, Tim noted the accompanying water in fact 'improved the wine'. Cheers to that!

If you would like to host a water tasting in your restaurant or cafe with quests and team members, email us.