Top Reasons to Get an AquaCooler for Your Office and Home

Posted by Jeremy Yang on

When temperatures rise and you need something to cool off, nothing is more refreshing than cold, crisp water. But if you're relying on your refrigerator to chill your water bottles, then chances are, your water won't get cold fast enough. Enter the AquaCooler, an innovative water dispenser that offers cold water in a snap. What’s more, it can also dispense hot and ambient water on demand. It's the perfect addition to any home or office space, so you can enjoy drinking at optimal temperature every time.

If you’re still unsure about getting an AquaCooler, here are the top reasons it’s great for your home and office.


AquaCooler is a freestanding water dispenser with a compact profile so that it won’t take up much space. It has a spacious storage cabinet where you can store the Acquabox.

Aesthetically pleasing

The water dispenser is unlike conventional ones, where you need to lift and load a large water bottle on top. Instead, AquaCooler features a bottom-loading system, meaning the Acquabox will be inside the dispenser and concealed from view.

Enjoy more convenience

You don’t have to keep heating water or store hot water in an insulated pot or tumbler anymore because you can get it on demand when you want a hot drink. Additionally, you can always enjoy ambient or cold water straight from the dispenser. So, you can free the fridge for other things instead of filling it up with bottles and pitchers.

Safe to use

AquaCooler is one of the safest water dispensers, especially with kids or pets around. It has a double safety device that prevents overheating and a child safety lock for its hot water faucet. Plus, the stainless steel hot water tank helps prevent contamination.

Environmentally friendly

AquaCooler is more environmentally friendly because it uses Acquabox. With cutting-edge water filtering and purification technologies, Aquabox ensures healthy, safe, and clean drinking water.


We hope we convinced you to get an AquaCooler today! Check out our selection at Mountain Falls, and while you’re at it, get an Acquabox mineral water refill with your purchase.

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