Not All Bottled Water Is The Same

This becomes apparent once you have read the label. Once you read ours you will discover that we have the “best quality” natural mineral waters on our doorstep and proudly place our mineral analysis on the front of our bottles!

Mountain Falls
, bottled at source at the foot of the Klein River mountain range in the Overberg, remained undiscovered for a decade. Now, our water is the most naturally balanced mineral water in South Africa.

Mountain Falls Natural Mineral Water

Offers a number of unique elements and benefits, which stem from its key attributes, highlighted on our label: it has a perfectly balanced pH7 and its TDS is 350mg/l, well above the minimum global requirement to be classified as a Mineral Water. In addition it has a uniquely high source of calcium and magnesium, both essential elements to human health.

“Mountain Falls presents the best possible mineral combination we have seen.” – Wellness Warehouse in-house nutritionist.


A natural mineral water is considered superior to spring water as a result of its constant and unique mineral composition. It is said that natural mineral water is the most natural way to hydrate, it provides a great mouth-feel and distinct taste, and certain health benefits may be claimed depending on the specific mineral composition, such as calcium and magnesium.

To be classified as a mineral water a minimum of 250mg/l TDS is required. Total dissolved solids (TDS) indicate the amount of dissolved minerals in natural water. Mountain Falls has a TDS of 350mg/l and based on the requirements set out by the {FDA, IBWA, EBWA, ANZFS, EPA, WHO} is currently the only water in South Africa able to claim to be a mineral water.

A low TDS generally results in the water being insipid and tasteless. A high TDS, on the other hand, will result in water with a very distinctive taste.

In addition, mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source (i.e. no minerals can be added).

Another key measure of the quality of bottled mineral and spring water is its pH, which is a measure of where the water lies in the balance between acid and alkaline – pH7 being neutral or “perfectly balanced”.

Mountain Falls is unique in that it is perfectly balanced at a pH7, regarded as the perfect natural water. A large percentage of bottled water in South Africa is well below pH7 at between 4.6 and 5.8, which is classified as 500 times more acidic than pH7.

Check mineral content. Ideally, water is high in magnesium and calcium (with calcium being at least 50% more than magnesium). According to the US National Research Council and the WHO, magnesium and calcium in natural water will contribute to your daily dietary requirement.

Water with predominant alkalinity is usually accompanied by high calcium and magnesium, which raise the pH and alkalinity and provide a broad and full-bodied mouth-feel.

Mountain Falls is hand bottled at source at the Mountain Falls Estate, situated on the slopes of the Klein River mountain range between Hermanus and Stanford in the Overberg region.

Natural Mineral Water is sourced from an underground aquifer, which emerges from a spring tapped at natural or bore exits. Natural water must be bottled at source and cannot be transported in bulk from the source. In the case of mineral and spring water the label should say “bottled at source” and specify the location of the source.

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