TDS? Who's she?

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What’s the deal with TDS?

A recent Netflix series featuring a very high-profile celeb, has one question hanging on everyone’s lips – what’s the deal with TDS? (Down To Earth Trailer)
Not all water is created equal, and when you spin your bottle around to take a peek at the label, it’s quite clear that some might be better than others. A few factors that play a part in water quality are mineral content, ph levels, and its original source, but for now, we’re going to focus on the incredibly topical TDS.

What’s TDS?

The short answer is total dissolved solids. The longer answer is the amount of dissolved minerals in natural water, or how good the water actually is for you.
What makes mineral water different from other types of bottled water is its consistent level and proportions of minerals in the water, which are there from the very beginning. So we don’t add any additional minerals to our water, you’re getting the goodness of the earth, straight from the source. 
To be classified as mineral water, you must have no less than 250mg/l TDS.  Mountain Falls has a TDS of 350mg/l and is one of the few water brands in South Africa able to claim ‘mineral water’ status. You might say we’re over-achievers, but we just want to give you the best water for your body.
Want to do a deep dive into what TDS is? Check out this video.

Mountain Falls Mineral Water Cold

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