It’s Time to Switch to PET

Posted by Michael Beatham on

Plastic has gotten a bad rap over the years, and rightfully so. The amount of single-use plastic being disposed of every day is astronomical. But there are some plastics, mainly PET, which are actually better for the environment.

We know you want to fight us on this. That’s why over the next few weeks we’re going to be unpacking why PET is a better choice, and exactly what our ZeroPet recycling initiative is all about.


What is ZeroPet?

ZeroPet is an exclusive Mountain Falls recycle initiative in partnership with Recycle 1st. Our aim is to create a sustainable, zero PET footprint.

Through our self-imposed recycling targets, we are committed to eradicating our impact on the environment. Our mission is to collect 2.5 million PET bottles per year, by removing two PET bottles for every one we sell – that’s 50 tons of PET per year!


How We’re Making a Difference

Through our ZeroPet Foundation, we will be supporting various community projects through education drives and donations of Mountain Falls water. In addition to this, each year we will be funding school fees for underprivileged children with the proceeds generated through PET recycling.

With this in mind, we have designed and created a unique PET product, paying special attention to the materials used. The result is a beautiful, reusable bottle that maximises value and eliminates waste.

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