Rise up! 150 million years in the making

Posted by Michael Beatham on

With the power to heal bones and lower blood pressure, mineral water has beneficial properties that will improve your health.

Mineral waters start as rain. When runoff water seeps below the surface of the earth, it can remain there for up to 40 years (in our case a 150 million years), picking up beneficial trace elements from ancient rock before journeying back up to the surface at temperatures as high as 45 degrees celsius.

Most cosmetics are made with demineralised tap water, but thermal water for products is collected directly at the source - without being artificially processed - maintaining its beneficial properties. 

The waters from different regions can be as complex and varied as wines. Their mineral compositions directly reflect the geological makeup of the site. For example, in Vinchy, France, the waters are particularly high in sodium bicarbonate, while the springs at Le Roche-Posayare rich in Selenium.

Bottled at a rare and ancient source nestled in the Western Cape’s Klienrivier mountain range, Mountain Falls gets its pure taste from the mineral-rich composition of the land. Unique to only a handful of locations around the world. 

The water takes 1000 years to bubble up through layers of rock which act as a natural filter before it's trapped in underground aquifers and bottled at the source, just for you.


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