Hydrate with less waste

Join Us On a Bold Mission To Restore Balance

By going Plastic Neutral, we're recovering as much plastic from nature as we use in Mountain Falls packaging.


Mountain Falls has always been driven by the philosophy that we borrow the earth from our future generations. Our mission led us to one of our proudest moments yet - being certified plastic neutral by rePurpose Global. This is more than just an audited certification. It is a testament to our promise and commitment to sustainability. It’s a reminder that every choice we make impacts the world around us. To our knowledge, we are the only bottled water company globally to hold this distinction. Our story is not just about water, it’s about how we, as a company, as a community, can make a difference and preserve our earth for future generations

What Does Plastic Neutrality Mean?

When a product’s plastic footprint is balanced by the amount of plastic waste recovered from nature, it’s Plastic Neutral. With every Mountain Falls product sold, we’re financing vetted impact projects that fund the recovery of plastic waste – restoring balance in nature.


rePurpose Global is the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform dedicated to fighting plastic waste. They’ve created systemic change with 100s of purposeful brands worldwide, positively impacting the lives of 10,000+ marginalised waste workers and community members worldwide while eliminating plastic waste from nature every year. It’s a substantial achievement being a part of rePurpose and their pioneering ecosystem of solutions that enable us to invest in critical waste management infrastructure while empowering grassroots waste management innovators around the world.

Learn more about our partnership with rePurpose Global here.