4 x 5L Still Mineral Water Bottle Bundle

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4 x 5L Still Mineral Water Bottle Bundle

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4 x 5 Litre Water Bottle  - 20 Litre in total

All the minerals in our water are all found deep within the earth’s surface seeping through into the water; 150 Million years in the making. Taste the difference with perfectly balanced pH7 water.

Introducing the ultimate hydration solution for your home or office — the Mountain Falls 4 x 5L Still Mineral Water Bottle Bundle. Sourced from Cape Town’s pristine natural reserves, this bundle ensures that you always have access to the best still water, offering nourishment in abundance for your family and team.

Minerals in our water: 

  • Calcium 14
  • Magnesium 11
  • Sodium 85
  • Iron 0.4
  • Chloride 105
  • Fluorine Halogen 0.4
  • For a total of 345 Total Dissolved Solids


For every bottle you’re buying, we’re pledging to recycle 2 bottles of PET. Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be reused in clothes (polyester staple fibre/filament), duvets, pillows, carpeting and even plastic bottles as well. Learn more about our recycling initiatives here.

Mineral water has been proven to contribute to your heart health.

A study was done, where women drank 1 litre of sodium-rich mineral water per day for two months each. The results showed that mineral water intake raised the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol whilst lowering bad cholesterol. 

 Lowering blood pressure

Mineral water rich in magnesium can help lower your blood pressure. In 2004 a study was done on people who had borderline hypertensive (high BP). They were each given 1 litre of mineral water to drink daily, and after 4 weeks they noticed a significant reduction in the blood pressures of this group.

 Strengthening bones

Mineral water is also high in calcium which our body uses in the creation and strengthening of bones. In 2017 researchers studied how the body absorbs calcium from milk, calcium supplements, and mineral water. They concluded that mineral water with high amounts of calcium can, in fact, improve the body’s calcium supply.

 Relieving Symptoms of Constipation

The magnesium in mineral water can help relieve the symptoms of constipation. Magnesium draws water into the intestines, which improves your stool consistency. It also relaxes the intestinal muscles, supporting regular bowel movements.

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We are proud members of The Fine Water Society.

The Fine Water Society (FWS) was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and further enhance Fine Water's visibility and convey the idea that water is not just water, but a natural, unprocessed product with terroir and unique characteristics. The FWS allows brands, distributors, and individuals to share information and create awareness of the category, differentiating themselves from the commodity bottled waters.

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End Plastic Waste

Our aim is to create a sustainable, zero PET footprint. Through our self-imposed recycling targets, we are committed to eradicating our impact on the environment. Our mission is to collect 2.5 million PET bottles per year, by removing 2 PET bottles for every one we sell – that’s 50 tons of PET per year! Through our ZeroPET Foundation, we will be supporting various community projects through school education drives with the proceeds generated through PET recycling.


Proud Members of

The Fine Water Society

The Fine Water Society (FWS) was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and further enhance Fine Water's visibility and convey the idea that water is not just water, but a natural, unprocessed product with terroir and unique characteristics.

Fine Water is not a commodity with uniform characteristics but a natural, unprocessed product with terroir reflecting the geology of and circumstances of its origins. The experience of drinking bottled Fine Water should be as close as possible to the experience of drinking the water at the source.