Mountain Falls Water will be funding the recovery of an additional 77,161 pounds of low-value plastic at Ekonomia ya Bluu.

That’s the equivalent to the weight of 1.94 million single-use plastic bottles which if stacked on top of each other would be 295.6 kms high! That’s 33 times the height of Mount Everest!

Through Project Ekonomia ya Bluu, Mountain Falls and rePurpose Global endeavours to prevent 100 million pounds of low value plastic waste from leaking into the Kenyan marine environment by 2030.

Establishing Comprehensive Waste Management Supply Chains To Sustainably Collect All Plastic Waste Streams

In Kenya, plastic waste poses a significant environmental threat, with ~81,500,000 lbs of plastic waste being discharged each year into the marine environment due to lack of formal waste management practices. Polypropylene (PP) is the top leaking polymer by absolute leakage in Kenya and is one of the hotspot polymers identified by the UNEP.

Ekonomia ya Bluu (‘Blue Economy’ in Swahili) is rePurpose Global’s endeavour to redefine the status quo of plastic pollution in Kenya.

Through this project, we aim to prevent 100 million lbs of low value plastic waste from leaking into the Kenyan marine environment by 2030. The project establishes an ethical and efficient waste recycling supply chain by incentivizing the collection of otherwise- neglected, low-value PP by informal waste collectors who are paid ethical and reliable wages, increasing their incomes by expanding the monetizable waste stream. Utmost care is taken to uphold our Impact Code to ensure the socio-economic wellbeing of the collectors. The collected plastics are sorted at the project’s Material Recovery Facility and then transported to Nairobi for final recycling into useful consumer products.

Through this ongoing project, we are creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for Kenya, where waste is managed ethically, resources are conserved, and ultimately, our oceans are protected from plastic waste!

rePurpose Global Co-founder & CEO

Svanika Balasubramanian

“Now more than ever, we need brands to take responsibility for the global plastic epidemic. We’re proud that Mountain Falls Water has taken a positive step towards creating change by getting Mountain Falls Mineral Water certified Plastic Neutral with rePurpose Global – enabling the recovery of nature-bound plastic in areas where it is most needed.”

“We’re thrilled to see Mountain Falls Water rally around sustainable action and take a meaningful step to address the plastic in their supply chain. Their sustainability journey, strengthened with Plastic Neutrality, is one we’re sure will inspire other businesses as well.”