Mountain Falls

A campaign that reminds us about all the best bits of Summer


Photography Ulrich Knoblauch Art Direction Charl Edwards Styling Storm Ross Face Katarina Pruim

Referencing a hot summer’s day at the poolside, complete with brightly coloured fruit and beach towels, our Mountain Falls S/S ’20 campaign makes you crave those sunny, carefree days where nothing quenches your thirst like ice cold water.

The LookBook Studio collaborated with Mountain Falls’ creative consultant, Tammy Tinker, and photographer Ulrich Knoblauch to create a scene straight out of Italy, at home in Clifton, Cape Town. By bringing in locally-sourced glassware and homeware along with the panoramic ocean view helped to set the scene, transporting you to a summer’s day in the Mediterranean.

Bottled at a rare and ancient source nestled in the Western Cape’s Kleinrivier Mountain Range, and thoughtfully packaged in reusable, planet-friendly PET bottles, Mountain Falls is renowned for our high-quality bottled water.

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