You are what you drink

In fact, it was 150 million years in the making.
Bottled at a rare and ancient source nestled in the Western Cape’s Kleinrivier Mountain Range, Mountain Falls water gets its pure taste from the mineral-rich composition of the land – unique to only a handful of locations around the world. The water takes thousands of years to bubble up through layers of rock which act as a natural filter, before it’s tapped in underground aquifers.
The natural beauty of the area and purity of our water source have made us ultra-conscious of our responsibility to preserve the planet by leaving a zero PET footprint.


Not all bottled water was created equal

We care about every detail, from the quality of our premium mineral water to the forward-thinking design of the bottle in which it’s housed. Crafted to elevate your hydration experience, the uniquely shaped bottle is made from reusable and planet-friendly PET.
And it looks pretty good too.


What goes around, comes around

To reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that we maintain a zero PET footprint, we’ve put together a few recycling targets for ourselves. The goal? To collect and recycle two plastic PET bottles for every one that we sell. While we want to provide our customers with a premium product, we’re also aiming to leave the world in a better state than we found it.