The ZeroPet Foundation Support the SOA Turn the Tides Program

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Who We Are

ZeroPet is a unique and exclusive Mountain Falls recycle initiative in partnership with Recycle 1st, where our aim is to create a sustainable, zero PET footprint.

Through our self-imposed recycling targets, we are committed to eliminating our impact on the environment. Our mission is to collect 2.5 million PET bottles per year, by removing 2 PET bottles for every one we sell – that’s 50 tons of PET per year.

Through our ZeroPet Foundation, we will be supporting Sentinel Alliance and other various community projects through drives with the proceeds generated through PET recycling.

The ZeroPet Foundation will be supporting 16 children through this program throughout 2021 1st Program commences on the 8th March, next starts on the 10th May.
Turn The Tide programme, is an Ocean Immersion experience which is offered in conjunction with the Parley Ocean School programme.
The cost of this programme, as a stand alone programme is R1760 per child for the 8 weeks. That amounts to R220 per child per lesson. This includes swimming costume (rash vest and swimming shorts), transport to and from our site, and a healthy meal at the end of the session.

Total Donation:
16 children @ R1,760.00 l R28,160.00

Digital Marketing

In addition to our on-the-ground support, we’d also like to support Sentinel Ocean Alliance on social media platforms. The collaboration is with the ZeroPet Foundation and 1st Recycle. This could range from partnered events on Facebook, such as beach clean-ups, to profiling Sentinel and the work they do within the Hout Bay community on Instagram and our website. We are also happy to promote any community activity Sentinel has planned for additional support and exposure.

How we are supporting the Turn The Tide Programme

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