Tips on How to Buy the Right Water Bottles Online in South Africa

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Many environment conservation groups advise against buying water bottles as it is deemed wasteful and causes a plastic pollution problem. Moreover, some manufacturers squander precious resources to bring mineral water to consumers.


Although buying bottled water is something that many people prefer to avoid, it may be the only safe and reliable option during times when tap water quality is poor. In that case, you’ll want to be mindful of what you’re purchasing and make the right choice that can reduce your environmental impact while having a sufficient supply of clean, safe, potable water at home. Here are some tips to help you buy water bottles online in South Africa.


Look into reputable manufacturers. 

Buy bottled water only from trustworthy and established local suppliers. Verify that they are part of the Fine Water Society and are top-rated in South Africa, with nationwide shipping and positive reviews about their products, business, and services.


Prefer recycled bottles

Choose water bottles from a plastic-neutral manufacturer. That way, you know you’re buying sustainable, zero-PET bottles that can help reduce your impact on the environment. Some of the best manufacturers aim to collect 2.5 million PET bottles annually and remove two PET bottles for each one they sell. They also support community projects with school education drives while generating proceeds through PET recycling.


Choose mineral water

Drinking water comes in different types, with mineral water among the most popular. It’s also known as spring water because it comes from natural springs. Some manufacturers make artificial mineral water bottles by using distilled water with salts.


Both artificial and natural mineral water vary in nutritional content, but they are typically rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium sulphate, calcium carbonate, and sodium sulphate. High-quality mineral water also contains iron, fluorine halogen, and chloride and is perfectly pH7 balanced. Make sure you’re buying natural mineral water, which is proven to contribute to heart health, strong bones, and lowering blood pressure. It can also relieve constipation.

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