The Water Footprint of Your Plastic Bottle

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When it comes to staying hydrated on the go, many people turn to the convenience of small water bottles. These compact vessels are easily carried in bags, backpacks, or even in hand- making them an ever-present accessory for health-conscious individuals. But the production and disposal of these plastic bottles leave behind a significant water footprint—an environmental and societal impact often overlooked amidst their extensive use.

The water-intensive production process

The hidden cost of small water bottles is far from negligible. For every litre of bottled water produced, it is estimated that three to six litres of water are used in the process. This staggering figure encapsulates the water used in everything from cooling the plastic moulds to the actual content of the bottles. Not to mention, the production process of the plastic used for these bottles also requires a significant volume of water.

The ecological impact of discarded small water bottles

Beyond the water consumption during production, the environmental impact of discarded small water bottles is tremendous. Due to ineffective waste management practices, a significant proportion of these bottles end up polluting our waterways, from the tiniest creeks to the vast ocean. The plastic breakdown process in these ecosystems is slow, which results in harmful microplastics that pose a threat to aquatic life. The irony is stark: while we consume water from these bottles for our health, their disposal contributes to the health deterioration of our planet. 

Making A splash: Your Role in Achieving a Sustainable Water Future

At Mountain Falls, we believe that hydration should never come at the expense of our beautiful planet. We're proud to introduce our reusable PET bottles as a part of our dedicated ZeroPet Recycling Initiative in partnership with Recycle 1st. We're taking the challenge head-on to establish a ZeroPet footprint and are committed to removing two plastic bottles from the environment for every one we sell. By setting a target to collect 2.5 million plastic bottles per year, we're not just ensuring you stay hydrated with our pure mineral water but also actively contributing to the reduction of environmental waste. By choosing Mountain Falls, you're not just choosing premium hydration but also making a choice for a sustainable future.

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