Drinking Water In The Morning: Benefits Of Hydrating In The Morning

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Discover the Essence of Hydration with Mountain Falls Mineral Water

Unveiling the Secret of 150 Million Years

At Mountain Falls Mineral Water, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional hydration experience that transcends the ordinary. Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, our mineral water emerges as a testament to nature's craftsmanship, perfected over 150 million years. It's not just water; it's a journey through time, offering a taste that's impeccably balanced and refreshingly pure.

The Balanced Perfection of pH7

Our commitment to quality and purity is evident in every sip. With a perfectly balanced pH7, Mountain Falls Mineral Water stands as an epitome of nature's equilibrium. This balance ensures that every glass offers not just refreshment, but also a harmonious blend of health and taste.

Health in Every Drop

The Choice of Packaging: Glass or Plastic?

Our mineral water is available in two distinct and elegant choices of packaging - a luxurious glass bottle and a versatile plastic bottle. Both options embody sophistication and class, catering to the diverse preferences of our discerning clientele. Whether you seek the classic charm of glass or the practicality of plastic, Mountain Falls has you covered.

Embrace the Finer Things

Choose our glass bottle variant to elevate your dining experience or celebrate special occasions. It's not just about quenching thirst; it's about adding a touch of elegance to your table.

Or, opt for our plastic bottle version for a convenient, on-the-go hydration solution. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, it promises the same exquisite taste and purity, wrapped in practicality.

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The Mineral Composition - A Symphony of Health

Mountain Falls Mineral Water is more than just hydrating. Its unique mineral composition includes:

  • Calcium: 14 mg/L
  • Magnesium: 11 mg/L
  • Sodium: 85 mg/L
  • Iron: 0.4 mg/L
  • Chloride: 105 mg/L
  • Fluorine Halogen: 0.4 mg/L

This results in a total of 345 Total Dissolved Solids, each element playing a pivotal role in supporting your health and wellbeing.

Mineral Analysis of Mountain Falls Mineral Water

Our Environmental Pledge: Recycling for a Better Tomorrow

We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. For every bottle purchased, we pledge to recycle two PET bottles. Our recycling initiatives extend beyond just bottles - we're contributing to a circular economy by repurposing recycled PET into various products like clothing and home furnishings. Learn more about our dedication to the planet on our website.

The Health Benefits of Mountain Falls Mineral Water

Heart Health and Cholesterol Management

Did you know? Regular consumption of sodium-rich mineral water like ours can positively impact heart health. A study revealed that women drinking 1 litre of such mineral water daily experienced increased good cholesterol and decreased bad cholesterol levels.

Managing Blood Pressure

Our magnesium-rich mineral water is a natural ally in managing blood pressure. A 2004 study highlighted its effectiveness in reducing blood pressure among individuals with borderline hypertension.

Bone Strength and Calcium Absorption

Calcium is crucial for bone health, and our mineral water is a rich source. Research shows that calcium from mineral water is effectively absorbed by the body, contributing to stronger bones.

Easing Constipation

The magnesium in our water isn't just good for your heart; it also aids in relieving constipation. It works by drawing water into the intestines, easing bowel movements.

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Elevate Your Morning Ritual

The Glass Bottle Advantage

Incorporating Mountain Falls Mineral Water in a glass bottle into your morning routine can be a game-changer. Not only does it ensure you start your day with balanced hydration, but the glass bottle also adds an element of luxury and purity to your morning.

A Sustainable Choice

Opting for our glass bottle variant also aligns with sustainable living. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly without loss in quality or purity, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

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