Benefits of Having an Aquacooler

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Reaching the daily recommended intake of four to six 250-mL glasses of water can be difficult when clean and healthy drinking water is not readily available. Fortunately, a freestanding Aquacooler makes it much easier for you—and your family or office team—to stay properly hydrated.

Why you should invest in an Aquacooler for your home or office


  • Save space

Well-designed Aquacoolers like those from Mountain Falls can easily fit into any space, whether it’s your home’s dining room, the kitchen, or the office break room.  Mountain Falls Aquacoolers feature a spacious storage cabinet where you can keep your water bottle out of sight. These dispensers are bottom loading, so they obtain water from the same place you store the bottle.


  • Save time and energy.

Mountain Falls Aquacoolers do more than just provide clean water. In addition, they feature three temperature options, allowing you to obtain hot, cold, and ambient water. So, for example, if you’re in a hurry to go to work, you don’t need to boil water for your coffee in the morning.

These dispensers also come with a child safety lock to prevent hot water from accidentally scalding curious children in your household.


  • Gain better access to clean water.

It’s incredibly important that you only drink from a clean water source to protect your health and safety. Mineral water contains a wide variety of minerals, including magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These substances offer numerous health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, better digestion, and improved gallbladder function.

Are you looking to add an Aquacooler to your home or office? Make sure to purchase the dispenser from a trusted provider in South Africa. You can’t go wrong with Mountain Falls.

Our bottom-loading acquacooler system offers the perfect solution for your home or business, ensuring that you get an uninterrupted supply of hot, cold and ambient water. This stylish free-standing dispenser is the ultimate hydration station.

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